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This Tuesday I have been reflecting about reflections in water and photography in general…

I have time on my hands and just thought I would share with you my thoughts while trying to find pictures to share with you for Tuesday’s Reflections. I once again could not decide what to share as I have so many. 

So I started reflecting on photography….  

Those images we all take and share here on Virily and other social media outlets. 

What do you need to acquire this? A device that records light to record and save what the human eye sees. 

A photograph is just captured light. What makes a good photograph? You cannot answer this because what is good light or bad light? 

So, ask yourself – Why do I take pictures? Most of us take pictures because they make them happy. 

This is true for me, I take pictures of what makes me happy. 

Watching reflections on water really makes me happy, and hopefully these will help you do the same. Have a happy moment. 


#1 The bird

This bird looks like its enjoying watching the water and reflections. 

#2 Watercress reflection

The round leaf plant is watercress and is edible. Used in salads, it taste very fresh. 

#3 Breaking the rules..

This is a reflection of a willow tree on the bank of a very slow moving creek on a partially cloudy day. You can just barely see the bank in the foreground. 

They say to always include more of the land around a reflection or it confuses the eyes, but that's why I liked this one. lol It's confusing.. 

#4 A quiet morning in the cattails!

The water movement is barely apparent. 

#5 The rock…

Sunlight just hitting the edge of this big boulder. 

#10 Sittin’ on the bank..

I hope these photos brought you half as much happiness as they brought me taking them. Much love to you all! 


What do you think?

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Written by Kim_Johnson

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  1. All for super. But what impressed me most was # 9 Palm Face ..If you look at the small stone and its reflection you will find the image of a man with clear outlines with closed eyes, nose, mouth and mustache. It should be viewed from left to right. Try it too.

    • Thank you Sandra. It is so much fun isnt it. That picture taking business. 🙂
      You talked about those added bonuses. Aren’t they a real pleasure. I have seen some things in my photos that I had to actually go back to see if what I saw in the photos was really there. One spooky time I thought I had shot a picture of a body. I saw it, zoomed in.. and thought oh no. I got in the car went back and hiked back to where I had shot the picture. To my relief, someone had made a dummy and had thrown him off of a rim to an extinct volcano here, he had landed about halfway, and I thought somebody had fallen.

      • Back in Latvia at the time, I was really missing my husband and my cat Sid always got excited because cats can see spirits and my husband would check in on us. I actually got a photo fo his mist standing near the cat and it really thrilled me. I still look at that photo in amazement.

        • Wow, what a great story and photograph. Thanks for sharing that one. When my sister died, 3 nights after, my mom, other sister and myself were all visited by her on the same night and we all lived in different states. She just told us all that she was okay and don’t be sad, and do not worry.

    • Thanks so much Grace.
      This is the perfect time to play with that passion Grace, and you do have water. Go out to that bird bath, either early morning or late afternoon when the shadows are long, and get close ups of the water’s movement. Those are super fun to do. I have a folder of just fountains and closeups.

    • Thank you Ellie, and yes! Isn’t it amazing how you can look at a photo, remember what you were doing, how you felt that day, what the weather was like and the general feeling you had while taking said shot.


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