There Was a Time – 9

Rosa met Sam, her husband’s boss,  on the following day and they spoke in more depth.

 Sam’s wife had died five years ago.  He had been a faithful and committed husband.   The kind of man Isaac wasn’t.

Although older, not as handsome, he was so kind and considerate that he became beautiful in Rosa’s eyes.

With Isaac at work every  week day,  out almost every night, there was a lot of time for Rosa and Sam to get to know each other.

They liked the same things and filled the empty spaces in each other’s life.

When Isaac would go out to his dance classes or whatever, Rosa and Sam would have their own event.

Rosa  became pregnant.  She and Sam discussed it and  made their plans.

Isaac had no idea.  He saw nothing but himself, thought about nothing but himself and what he wanted, as if he were a toddler.


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Written by jaylar

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