There Was a Time -5

During the months Isaac was on his own, as Rosa had gone to his home country to have their baby,  he scheduled numerous social events.  From dancing to scuba diving, from attending lectures to parties, his  life had never been more exciting.

Isaac would go to work in his fancy car, give his orders, make sure everyone did their bit, then at the end of the day go home and change, or go straight to one of his many social occasions.

It wasn’t just the drinks or the dance, it was the people, he was flying amid the top people.  He was one of the top people.

It was that ‘realisation’  which had a great impact on his personality.

When Rosa arrived with their daughter, Isaac didn’t cut much from his calendar.  On some occasions  Rosa would come with him, a baby sitter minding Ayesha.  He was sure they were having fun.  He found life amazing. 

He had it all.  

Marriage, child, job, social life, money, position, his ego filled the sky.  


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Written by jaylar

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