There Was a Time – 10

Isaac didn’t notice that those he worked with hated him, that his wife was distant, that he barely knew his daughter.

Isaac focused on himself.

He’d drive to work thinking how happy he was not to be on a bus.  He’d park in his allotted spot, then stride into the building.  Isaac would march to his section, his office, expecting the secretary to be waiting for him.  

With  a smug look on his face, certain he was more brilliant than anyone else,  he would power through the day, planning his evening entertainment.

It was only on Mondays Isaac stayed home with his wife, but the rest of the days were a whirlwind of events and people and places.

Never before in his drab life had Isaac mingled with the best and brightest, never before was he invited to everything from an inauguration to a premier.

It was this absorption in his own life which is why he didn’t notice others.


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Written by jaylar

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