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The Wave Challenge with Tash Sultana and sky pictures!

I love Tash Sultana’s music, she just recently posted this video. It is so cute. 

 Make sure to read it in the comments section. She also posted the lyrics there.

 Here is a snippet of what she wrote about the video:

“So what do you do when you’re releasing a new song, you gotta make a music video, and you can’t leave your house due a global pandemic?”

The video link below:

Now, for The waves and sky pictures. 

If you would like to join in this challenge the rules are in the link below:

Both the video and these photos have inspired me to post this. 😉




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  1. here I thought this was going to be selfies of people waving.

    twice, you’ve got me with these challenges!

    (love the pictures and Raven says thank you for including Canine Americans in your picture collection)!

  2. I love almost all photo subjects. The sea remains my love and the sky with clouds of passion. This morning, as I got home from work, I took pictures of the cloudy sky in different places. Of course with the phone. Maybe I’ll upload them tomorrow. Even though we are blocked, time is never enough for me. I like all the photos in this collection.


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