The Value of the Cold War – 5


There was no ‘choice’ either you were vaccinated or your parents were prosecuted and you were not allowed in school or to associate with other kids.

When polio was cured the kids lined up and were vaccinated.  If anyone had objected, the police would remove them to a cell.  For there were no options.

Those in charge knew people were stupid and wasn’t going to waste time listening to rubbish; vaccination was Mandatory.


Children grew up on oat meal or wheat porridge, corn flakes or wheaties or some cereal that was to be nutritious.

School lunches might be boring, but they were meat, vegetable and starch.  No pizza, no hot dog, no burgers.   Cooked food.  Served on a plate.  

No sodas.   The drinks were fruit juices.  

This is because nutrition was important, having a healthy population was important.

Many women did NOT breast feed because they had nutritional deficiencies .   The mother might be low in iron or calcium and to have a healthy child was vital, so most kids were bottle fed.  

There was no junk food, no empty calories.  The snack would be a ‘milk shake’,  nutritious milk with flavourings,  unlike sodas, actually had value


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