The Value of the Cold War – 21

Imagine a high powered business in which the best and brightest are required.  

Then, things change. 

One doesn’t need highly qualified, well paid professionals.    The business needs drones and low level workers.

One third of the present workforce is to go.

To ‘fire’ them means the payment of all sorts of benefits. Hence the preference is to get them to quit.

In a private business, the employer  implements rules and regulations and policies which will anger, annoy, frustrate, inspire  their employees to quit.

When it is a Government,  similar  actions which ‘disenfranchise’ or ‘disqualify’  or ‘distract’ are quietly accomplished.

For example, creating claims that vaccination causes autism, will have many denying their children inoculation.   Let a few years pass, then release the virus.   Let it take its victims.

Change the diet of the population.  Push unhealthy high caloric semi food.  Create an obese unhealthy population which will die of various complications from non-communicable diseases including cancer.

Cut the life span, save the social security payments.


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