The Value of the Cold War – 15

The most ‘useful’ results  (for those who have a vested interest in creating a population of sheep) of not toilet training, not discipling, was that the child entered the world afraid, weak,  easily confused, with  no need to be strong.

Where Baby Boomers; those born in the 20 years  after World War II could, in modern parlance; ‘suck it up’,  those born after can not.   They are weak, have no sense of self, of taking responsibility for their own mistakes, of living ‘past’ whatever trauma befalls them.

The inner strength, the ability to overcome has been removed from them.  In many ways, they never grow up.   They never overcome.  

The forty year old can, in 2015, complain  that  Mommy never made him a birthday party when he was eight, or take them to the circus.

They feel no shame in proclaiming this ‘neglect’  which, drooling from the mouth of a forty year old is beyond ridiculous.

Baby Boomers would never utter such things, never think them, for that would be weakness.   That ‘cry baby’  style would make them laughing stocks.

Baby Boomers were born with a sense of confidence and strength, unlike their off spring.


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Written by jaylar

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