The Time That Was – 2

The Dressmaker

At the time of my story, I was Miss Maria, the dressmaker.  As no one knew my past, I was considered an old maid.

Actually, I had married at eighteen, just after the First World War.  My husband’s parents owned this house.

It was a very short period of contentment for he, as his parents, died in the Great Influenza Epidemic.

At twenty one I became the owner of this  large house with a shop on the ground floor.

In those days the kind of house I speak of was common. Often the upstairs rooms were rented, and usually there was one water closet at the end of the hall to be shared.

Though the term; “live over a shop” has been used derogatorily, I deny.  The home  my husband left me was a beautiful airy residence of large bedrooms, a parlour, a dining room, a huge kitchen, plus three side rooms which could have been bedrooms, dens, whatever required.

It was too big for me “alone” the community said but I loved the space as I loved being alone.


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