The Time That Was – 15

With the War raging, that people would still be deep into gossip is not truly strange.  People needed to take their minds off fears.

Many young men from the neighbourhood had gone to war, and some didn’t come back, or came back damaged.

Many women worked in factories, made their own money and began to see life differently; as if they didn’t need a husband or family, but could take care of themselves.

As I did.

It was in May of  1944 Salvatore told me he would be leaving town. He asked if I would rent the shop to Rico Mancussi, who’d been his second on and off over the years.

I was sorry to see him leave, hoped he would return one day. I asked of Rose D’Amato. He made a shy bob of his head. I wished him good luck.

Rico took over the butcher shop, and things went on as they always had.

I received a post card about six months later from Florida where Rose and Salvatore were living as Mr. and Mrs. Scallaci.

I learned from Mrs. D’amato that Rose had given birth to a son they called Frank.

I had always thought they the better match;  both serious sensible people who thought of work and family.


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