The Time That Was – 14

Sophia’s “running off” was the only topic discussed by the women who came to me.  My shop was,  in  a way,  a safe place.   

There were just women from the community who would sit and wait, or make themselves a cup of tea and discuss what was on their minds.

Though I contributed nothing, I heard everything. 

The surmises, the innuendos, the guesses, for Sophia could not confide in them knowing exactly what they would think and say.

After a year I learned Salvatore was seeing Rose. I considered it a good match, but how could they marry?He was still married to Sophia.

Most discussions of this topic took place in my parlour so I knew the back and forth of it. 

It would take, I heard, seven years to have Sophia declared “legally dead”, and then, what would be done? Call the police?

Sophia was not a missing person, Sophia was a tramp who ran off with a man.  Did we need to know the details? Need to know where she was living?Did Mrs. Gallucci need to know?


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