The Time That Was – 13

After Sophia left

I knew it had happened when I found Salvatore in the shop long after it had closed.

Although he had spent nights there on occasion, for some reason, it felt different that night. Maybe it was the time, maybe how long it took him to unlock the grill.   I don’t know exactly why, but something provoked.

Assuming something wrong, I suppose I ought have knocked at the front door, but instead I went around to the side, and used my key.

I don’t know why I didn’t knock.  Why I came in.  I hated the smell of the butcher shop, never thought of entering it from this end. I usually made my order and one of the boys who helped Salvatore would bring it up.

I don’t know how I survived the stink of blood and death to walk through that horrible section of the shop, but did.

I saw Sal in the side room he’d made up with a cot.   He was crying like a baby.  I backed out before he saw me, returned to the alley, then up to my rooms.

I never said a word.  I knew Sophia had left him. No one saw her again.


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Written by jaylar

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