The Time That Was – 11

Every man between twenty one and forty five had to register for the draft before the War had even started.

In 1940  there was a lottery in which everyone chosen had to serve one year.  A few in the community were selected and served their year.   Others were not drafted until the War began.

Many men enlisted and many women got factory jobs due to the absence of men.

Styles changed during the war, one was to use far less fabric than previously.  A skirt I had made in the 30s, had enough material to make more than 2 during the 40s.

My ‘magic’ was invoked.  Although people did have money to buy new things they simply were not accustomed to going to some ‘department’ store and buying off a rack.

I continued to visit the garment district to purchase fabric which I could use tocreate that new style from scratch or make alterations.  Many of the women were going out in the evenings, so I had a lot of work.

But no one loved the war more than Sophia.


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