The Song – part 9

Peter tried again and again to contact Chela but failed, so gave up.

When he heard the song, the tears burnt his eyes, and he cried. He couldn’t believe he was crying. But he was.

He was crying over Chela.

Why hadn’t he transferred to her University? If he had, he’d never be in the accident. He’d never wind up years behind himself, having to virtually start over so that a four year degree took him six.

He began to date. Date a lot, girl after girl. A one night stand, a lost weekend, then moved on. He was not going to give his heart to anyone again.

When he graduated he grabbed a job. He was totally disinterested in everything. He searched to find something or someone to find something to focus on. Something to want, to achieve.

Something to care about.

But there was nothing.

He felt he had died in that accident.


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Written by jaylar

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