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The Seven Daily Challenges!

Here is a list of the daily challenges with photos of course. You might have to wait to get approved and think you cannot join the daily challenges. But you can! It doesn’t matter what day you post for the daily challenges. So you see a post on Friday named Macro Monday, does it matter? I don’t believe it does. I am not the only one that feels this way. So post away, have fun! 

Here is a list of challenges from Ileana and a few from me that carried over from a site called Tsu a lot of us were on. 

#1 Macro Monday!

This guy was around 3 inches long. Big one. 

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#2 Nature Tuesday

Wild salad. These are all edible flowers and plants. 

#3 Wacky Wednesday

Framing isn't great since I cut off the top of his wings, but this looks wacky. He had just noticed me and is still looking at me while flying off of that plant. 

#4 Thursday’s Reflections

A mural reflection. 

#5 Black and White Friday

Looking through the bamboo... Notice I rhymed? 

#6 Silhouette Saturday


#7 Sky Sunday

A storm is on it's way here. I am standing in the sun under a blue sky and this is a very big cloud bank coming at me. 


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  1. It’s hard to remember all these challenges but they are all great…! I rarely post withing challenges but I do and have quite posted some of such photos for sure…! I also agree the day shouldn’t be important… Great photos, I love that very dramatic and impressive dark sky…, great capture…! 🙂

          • Really…? Didn’t know that… I thought all are posting it on the exact day, like it is “a must” or “a thing” but I do agree it shouldn’t be important but the post… 🙂
            Like I said I usually don’t post within challenges although sometimes I do, when it comes like a good solution like you mentioned above so I posted for the Indigo challenge the latest….. I really wanted to show those photos I liked very much and they fitted quite well for that challenge, although not sure many people were into it… :/

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