The disclosure of witness unearthed a shameful act of the so-called Priest ASHARAM that behind the veil of a Priest, he used to select by lighting torch on the girl whom he desired to make his bed partner inside the Ashram.

Serving the lifetime imprisonment as an accused of rape, Asaram was thinking that raping a girl is not at all a sin for him who has the highest knowledge that leads to liberation(BRAMHAGYANI). This untold sin finally unveiled by an evidence during the hearing of Asaram’s series of rapes.

The Court of law even urged,”Asaram has corrupted the image of saints by his abominable crime”.

‘Sachar’who was close to Asaram and even many time Sachar could manage to access the ASHRAM due to which many secrets of Asaram’s scandal have been unearthed. Sachar revealed that he had seen Asaram sexually exploiting girls in Pushkar of Rajasthan, Bhiwani in Haryana and Ashrams of Gujarat in 2003.

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Sachar quoted in his testimony that in Ahmedabad one evening he climbed on the wall of the cottage and saw Asaram sexually was exploiting a girl.

He sent a letter to Asaram through chefs asking why he is doing this with the girls. Asaram read the letter but ignored it. He then wrote another letter to Asaram, but he did not respond. Sachar said that after this he intended to enter Asaram’s private sex chamber forcefully and also he did and also asked why Bapu(Asaram) is silent on his question.

In the reply, Asaram urged, “Brahmagyani(a person having the highest knowledge)  does not have sin by doing all this.’” Sachar in return when again asked Bapu(Asaram) that how can such desires of Bramhagyani(Person having highest knowledge in Religion) be possible? After this question, Asaram quietly went in and ordered his workers to throw out Sachar from the Ashram.

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He also told that Asaram used drugs to increase his sexual capacity and also regularly consumed opium.

The prosecution witness had also disclosed to the court that three girls living with Asaram were also involved in the act of aborting girls who were also victims of ‘Dhongi Baba’(False Priest).

He also was attacked in 2004 under the instructions of Asaram. He also lodged a complaint with the police about this, but no action was taken.

The attack was carried out even after giving a statement in the case related to sexual harassment of girls by Asaram. In the case of rape, Asaram was in jail since September 2013 and yesterday Jodhpur’s special Poko court sentenced him to life imprisonment.

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Written by Anjan Kumar Samal

National Secretary-THE LAST HOPE(REGD.)

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