The Punishment of a Long Life – 2

Rebecca Gold sat on the fat chair, the television her only company.

She thought of her late husband, Maxie.   How he used to talk so much.   He used to fill the house with sound.  She remembered  how she  met him.  It was two years after World War II.

The War was always the centre of her life.

When the War began, she had been dating Michael Greenberg.   He had enlisted, and was sent overseas.   He was her first boyfriend, and she had written to him every evening.

She had a job in a factory, as did many women.   With the men away, so many jobs were available.

Each evening when she left work, she returned to the apartment where she lived with her mother, and younger sister, Dottie. They would have dinner, listen to the radio, and she would find a corner and write to Michael.

He had made her a ring out of a stainless steel nut he had scraped and polished, and engraved his initials, M.G.  She had worn it as if it were an engagement ring.

Michael died in the war.


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