The Project – 38

After living through two ‘Ollie-less’ months,  Tricia began to think of him as she would a real person.  Not a memory, not an example, but a living breathing person.

On one hand, Tricia had expected him to keep to his pattern as a sneer at her post.   It was so Ollie like to ignore her words.  Yet,  she realised she had cut a bit too deep.

Ollie had wanted to be a lawyer.  

She remembered way back, how young they were. How both applied to Law School.   How she was accepted, and he was not.

It had angered him.  Once, in a show of honest rage, he blasted that she had stolen his place.

After forty years Ollie still felt he should have been the lawyer. Still felt he had the ability.  

The fact she was and had been for so many years cut him where it hurt.


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Written by jaylar

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