The Project – 28

“I am writing as senior counsel, as someone who has been practicing for over thirty years,”  Tricia began.

“When one does NOT have competent counsel, and assumes he can present his own case,   it time to send for the pop corn.”

Tricia wondered if she ought soften her stance, but why?    She had no relationship to preserve.   If he never wrote again, so?

Tricia remembered that Ollie  had planned to study law.   As his wife, she decided to as well.  

It was then, because she was accepted and he wasn’t, Ollie, as a spoiled baby, determined she had ‘stolen’ his dream.

Ollie never got into law school.  Instead, he decided to study science as a precursor to medicine.

He never became a doctor either, just a science teacher.


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Written by jaylar

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