The Project – 24

Tricia left the computer,  ate breakfast.  She returned to the computer to read her other emails,  then, glancing back, decided to respond to Ollie.

“There are time limits for filing Appeals.  

The only reason to reopen an old case is

if there is New Evidence; i.e. DNA.”

 Tricia pondered half of a second if finally, after these decades, this nearly half a century, Ollie understood that realty existed beyond him.

If he, admitting failure, could some how examine his life.  Realise that what happened to him, where he was now, was due to his own actions.  

Remarkably, he responded;

“Yes, where applicable new evidence

that is exculpatory is germaine. “

Tricia laughed, wondered where he copied that sentence.  Wondered if he thought he would impress her by using legal terminology.  

Considering she had enough of Ollie for the month she didn’t bother respond.

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