The Project – 23

Tricia looked at Ollie’s email.   He had stated what was beyond obvious. Fifteen years is far too long to wait before attempting to reopen a case.  

Considering he had never shared the pertinent details with her, Tricia knew it had to be really bad.  

It had to be Ollie performing some horrible set of actions, being reported, sneering at the charges.  He had probably entered the first hearing, as if he was the Great Oliver Morris, appearing before mere mortals.

Perhaps, shocking to the Great Ollie, they had ruled against him, and he had been fired.

Knowing Ollie, it probably stunned him a few seconds, then provoked his belief that he would immediately find a better job.

Of course, he never did find another job.

Ollie is the person for whom the phrase; “legend in his own mind” was coined.


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Written by jaylar

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