The Project – 12

Ollie had claimed to  just be passing by, when he stopped into Tricia’s  office.  She knew he’d gone out of his way to find her.   To find her, to  see what she was doing so as to rubbish her success.

Ollie stood there, as if he had the power to denigrate.  She wondered, as she looked at that forced sneer on his face, if he owned a mirror.

If he realised he was no longer that beautiful youth who captivated but a non-descript nothing man?

Then, as if stage managed, her current husband, Andy, glided in.   He was tall, slender, looked good.

She introduced him to Ollie.   Andy was so confident, so easy, viewed Ollie as if he were cow flop.

Aware he’d been ‘bested’ Ollie left her office.

Andy, who had no ego issues, asked what Ollie had wanted.  Tricia had shrugged,  replied;  “Said he was just passing by…”

“That’s a lie,” Andy said, for he was a man without guile.


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Written by jaylar

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