The Played – 9

Kat was not a  cold and selfish opportunist.   She loved  her mother, she loved Damian and would do anything for them.

To hand over one third of her salary every week to her mother to help her pay for her own shop, was not an obligation.

To support Damian in his marriage to the ugly Simone, was not a sacrifice.   One did what she had to do to survive, to get ahead, to gain success.

She had dreamed of the day when she and Dami could be together, honestly and openly together.

And it happened.

When Dami and Kat left Orlando they went to a Marriage Registrar and married.  Someday they could have the big wedding, but right now, just to be Mrs. Holness was all she wanted.

They drove off, (in the car Jerry bought for her) married, continued on, sold the car, and went to the airport to catch a flight to Hawaii.

Damian would take up a position at Kona Community Hospital.

It may be a minor institution with little prestige, that didn’t matter. Being a doctor, being far from Simone, being with Kat in the tropics was paradise.


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