The Played – 5

Lucy-Ann had always joked about a ‘Mas Picion’,  that is a suspicious man, who doesn’t believe anyone, save the one who will trick him.

Of all the people to play, the easiest is the suspicious guy who thinks everyone is against him.   When he meets someone he is sure  is stupider than he is, weaker than he is, more controllable, he makes himself the easiest mark in the game.

Jeremiah Roberts was the kind of guy who saw conspiracy everywhere.  He trusted no one, and nothing, assuming everyone was trying to trick or rob him.

When he met Kat, who was so unsophisticated, so childish  and innocent, he became her pawn.

She went from his tenant to his wife, because when his Grandmother, who owned the house arrived, Kat was kind, helpful, respectful and ladylike.   His Grandmother, knowing her time was nearly up, encouraged him to marry Kat.

So he did.

The final proof of Jerry’s stupidity was at the wedding.   He wasn’t speaking to his father, invited his mother, but ignored her. He focused on his Grandmother, who had travelled with an aunt who clearly despised him.

Kat used his extra invites, (they both had six) to bring more of her family.

Any Jamaican would note a man distant from his family was the easiest target. He had no one.   Having no one meant that Kat could fill his life with her friends who pretended to be his friends.


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Written by jaylar