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The photographer’s special “glasses” – From Inside to Outside.

Seeking and continually searching, it is the spirit that I drew as a common thread of Elenka’s challenge. Therefore, whatever I see around me, I try to imagine what beauty I can get from that stuff.

This time, I experimented with bottles, glasses, and gallons of mineral water and took pictures of them to capture the beauty that took place inside and outside, capturing storms, tranquility, foam, form, disguise, and color. I think, however, this shows the side of our lives as well.

According to Elenka lacho59, this challenge is to learn and improve our methods of photography. If you interesting to participate in this challenge,  here are the Terms of Participation:

1. Post to the Challenge

2. Use as a title The photographer’s special “glasses” – Challenge

3. Use the hashtag #messageexperiment

Have fun, friends.

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