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As events unfold in the United States, the ponder is who is behind it.   Donald Trump does not have the mental acuity to formulate the strategies.   But Vladimir Putin does.

Vladimir Putin could have, considering his intellect, his experience in the KGB, and as leader of Russia, designed the various anti-Hilary Clinton propaganda, had his agents located in America ‘inform’ various Americans, and then use his computer geniuses to play havoc with the results.

Vladimir Putin could, considering the info he has on Trump’s involvement with Russian prostitutes, been able to get him to a point of easy obedience.

The basic “Manchurian Candidate”  mind control was easily implemented, and Trump will do  what he is told.

It seems evident that the United States is headed for Civil War.

Russia will profit from a collapsed America.   It will extend its reach without obstacle as America destroys itself.


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