The 'Owned' Man

Domestic Violence is not just physical. There is the emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and verbal aspects.

This means that a woman can use these tactics to abuse a man by getting inside of his head and manipulating him, making him feel guilty, using subterfuge and flattery to have him do what she wants.

In a growing number of cases, a Man is the Victim it is usually because he ‘sold’ himself.

For him, it is, for once, having the money to live in a decent place, eat when he’s hungry, have a car to drive, etc.

He considers his ‘freedom’ a small price to pay, because he doesn’t fully grasp the extent of ‘ownership’.
He enters the marriage thinking;

“I’ll do what she wants because it is worth it.”

He never realises that ten years down the road he is a slave.

It is not until he recognises that he can not talk to people, not even email, without her permission that he realises what he’s done.

And then it is too late.


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