The Owned Man – Calvin (4)

Gert’s posting in Calvin’s nation was over, and she returned to her home country dragging him like a piece of luggage.

There,  in her country, Calvin  had no friends, no places to go or things to do.   Gert wanted to keep him as isolated as possible.  

Calvin had entered the marriage with a kind of mature acceptance.   He thought he could deal with it as if it were a prosthetic leg.  He did not imagine how much it would cost him.

He tried to keep in contact with his friends, talking to them on messenger.   

If Gert caught him, she would be start talking, giving instructions.   When Calvin  mentioned this,  she made him know that if he didn’t follow her rules, she would throw him back in the garbage from which she took him.

Her ability to be emotionless and ice cold, and to do exactly as she stated shocked him into obedience.

She had told him, before they had left for the airport, to travel to her country,  that  she Would be monitoring his emails.   He had  stood aghast and she had held his ticket saying;  “Do you want me to tear this up?”

Calvin had stood trying to find his pride but couldn’t.    All he could do was alert  everyone that he would not be answering emails.

He would post ideas and events on Facebook and only rarely enter into a private chat with someone who had been a true friend.

For if Gert found out…


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Written by jaylar

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