The Other Side of Luck – Ervin – End

Things flowed perfectly for Ervin.  He had a big job, did no work, made a lot of money.

Then, l there was that investigation into various contracts and missing revenue, and stuff like that.  Ervin didn’t know anything about it.

Ervin assumed Dad could get it stopped, but it seemed some Crusading politician was ‘making his mark’.

Ervin didn’t think it would effect him, after all, he could say he didn’t know…but as CEO…it was assumed that he knew.

Further, his signature was on documents.   His lawyer told him that to say he signed without reading wasn’t going to be much of a defense if he was arrested and charged, and faced court.

Ervin shrugged.

Then he was arrested.


And although Daddy tried to bail him, he had to spend a day in jail!

Then came the Court hearing.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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