The Manipulation of History – 3

Many Presidents of the United States were no one to emulate or respect.  These are rarely mentioned, the focus on the great heroes.

The actions and behaviour of a large number of persons who occupied the position of POTUS, would, if publicised, reveal that this is not the first time a lesser being sat in that office.

One need look from Andrew Jackson, (who has been rewritten as some hero), Franklyn Pierce, Milliard Fillmore,  Andrew Johnson,  Rutherford Hayes, Woodrow Wilson, (another racist misogynous), to Warren Harding, among others, who are anything but decent human beings.

For example, in the United States there was ‘prohibition’, meaning alcoholic beverages were illegal from 1920 to 1933.

In 1921, Warren Harding, the President, would walk out of the White House, across the road, where he’d drink and play cards, and have liaisons with women.

He gave contracts to his friends, did all sorts of criminal activities.  He wasn’t charged because he died, (some say his wife poisoned him) in 1923.

How many people know of him?   How many Americans?


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