The Lucky One [Dominique] – 3

The phone rang, Dominique answered.   It was the agency.  She identified herself, and took a breath, a smile on her face.

“Miss Johnson,”  came the voice,   “I have called to inform you that we’ve  given the post to Ervin Markus.”

“Oh…” she said softly.

“We’re calling you because we will be publicly announcing the appointment in an hour.”

“Thank you…” she mumbled as she sat down, tried to breathe.

She didn’t get the post.

She was qualified, she knew the job, and she didn’t get it.

Dominique sank into a depressed state for about then minutes.  Then, considering she still had a job and a life to live, shrugged her shoulders, and went out just to go out.


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Written by jaylar

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