The Lucky One – 3

John, locked into a booth in the public bathroom of Grand Bahama Airport, expected to cry.   But no tears came.   He felt angry, he felt stupid, he had wasted money.

Most of all,  he burnt in guilt, for John  had spent his life resenting and hating his father, when it was his mother who was the villain.

His mother had abandoned him, and when she remembered he was alive, sent some gift.  But she didn’t want to see him, know him.

Did it really happen?   Did he really fly all this way, appear on her door step?  He tried  to replay the incident in his mind but couldn’t spin it any other way than the way it was.

The way it was…

His father had worked every day to look after him, make sure he had everything, and yet he reviled his father.

How had  it happened that he hated and blamed his father, and held his mother as some saint?


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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