The Laws of Physics – 1

Physics will describe that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  

 Physics can explain how force X applied in that direction is met by an equal force Y coming in this direction.  

Physics is not human behaviour.   

Human behaviour is not controlled by logic or measured responses.   Human behaviour is based on perception, assumption, emotion and attitude.

This means that the reaction may not be equal to the action.   It may be less or more, based upon perception, assumption, emotion, and attitude.Where, in the world of physics, a boulder weighing 100 pounds  when thrown into a lake with a particular force will displace a calculated amount of water, in life, the reaction can not be predicted.In life, an action which should gain a frown or a smile, might obtain a bullet or exaltation depending on how another person perceives that action, how they feel about it, about the person performing it, along with a lifetime’s emotional baggage.Few people can accurately predict how others will respond to an action.  This is what causes social unrest.   This is what causes all those ‘unexpected’ reactions.  Yet, if one could ‘read’ the real sentiments of a person, whether body language, whether the pauses between words, the eye movements, it really is not all that shocking.


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