The Hate Speech

Hate is inevitable.

As what I have said on my previous post, people has always something to say. Either good or bad.

But all over social media I have seen that it became what, a trend.

A trend to hate somebody.

Like it is literally all over the place.

People are giving hate comments as if it is not either bringing someone down, affecting their mental health, questioning their self-worth, and getting them depressed.

I mean yes, comments are really either good or bad because people wanted to either voice out their opinions.

But hating them just because majority of the people are also hating them?

Man, that’s not right.

Please reflect on something before saying or typing it. Do reflect.

They are humans just like the rest of us.

Do not make fun of someone just to hype up on the trend.

Be mindful.

Everyone is trying to make it through the day.

Instead, spread love and positivity (not to the point of toxic positivity tho)

Be kind and see the goodness in everything!

Stay safe!


What do you think?

Written by Vanessa


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