The Grand Challenge – 1

When you become a grandparent you often find that your kids have absolutely no clue how to raise children; in fact, they seem to do the opposite to how you raised them.

You might have begun toilet training at 3 mos;  they don’t start until the kid is in kindergarten.

You might have demanded a level of decorum; their kids are feral.

If you don’t visit often you will be stunned by the lack of progress from one encounter to another.

You may be shocked by the constant bleat of your child giving orders and instructions over and again while the grand kids do what they please.

Okay, let’s vent together.  

But NEVER in front of your kids.  

In fact, to be that 5 Star Grand Parent; see nothing, hear nothing, and Say Nothing!


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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