The Encounter – 8

When the family arrived in a new town, Denny’s mother would do her best to make her feel the adventure.

She would take Denny all about the town or city, and they’d go to strange places, eat different things.

On weekends or when he had a slow day, her father would join them. They saw everything a town or city had to offer.

Denny developed the ability to bypass introductions and prologues and jump into casual friendships.

She  developed a great sense of humour, a curiosity.  She would arrive, quickly make friends, join groups, be part of a crowd.   She was ‘one’  of whomever the ‘them’ was, until it was time to go.

Then, she’d just go.   No big deal, no parties, no announcements, she and her family would leave town. And leave nothing behind.


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Written by jaylar

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