The ECard – 6 – End

After a week with her Aunt, Melly  got a job and tried to get a real life.  After three months, she moved into her owns flat and expected things to be better tomorrow.

But things never were better.

Melly dated,  even married, but the marriage didn’t last two years.

No one in her life could replace Tommy.   He had been understanding, supportive, so kind and good.

Melly had thought she’d return from Yale, call him, he’d pick her up, they’d go to his flat and have a wonderful evening into a wonderful life.

So many times she had imagined how it would be… and it would never be.

Nothing was as she expected, nothing stayed the same.

The only constant was the ‘Thank You’ Ecard she got every January 15th.  

And Melly realised she had just received her last.



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Written by jaylar

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