The Cost of a Run – 4

When I left with Vickie, I figured Shelly would see what  ‘space’ meant.

At the time I figured Shelly would realise that giving me too long a leash meant I might pull free.

I know it hit her hard when I went out with Vickie.  I caught that look in her eyes.   I went for a run, and figured, tomorrow Shelly would understand the negatives of space.

On Friday,  when I came to work, Shelly was a bit distant, and when I looked for her at quitting time, I learned she had left early.

It was Friday,  many people do slip out early.  But I wanted to see her, talk to her…

I decided to wait until Monday.

It was a long lonely weekend.   I spent it cleaning the house, watching television, trying  to find  a place to go or things to do.

I actually looked forward to Monday.

I saw Shelly, we spoke casually.  I asked her out for dinner, but she declined, moved away.  I was getting annoyed,  but shrugged.  I assumed she was still playing hard to get.   Thinking she was angry with my run with Vickie.


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