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The Challenge of New Beginnings

As per @DocAndersen The challenge that was issued was by @Ghostwriter. The rules are as follows (totally making these up there are no rules)

  • Pick three authors and go to their profile page! Select the more button, the select posts, you’ll get a list of their posts and click on the highest number in the list.
  • Go to the last page of their posts in the author profile and share their very first post.
  • Then send a message (see above) to the last person on your list of 3 authors. Include the link to the person who challenged you like a chain letter.
  • If you have already been challenged you don’t have to participate more than once!

The person who challenged me @DocAndersen

He tells us about his three favorite cities and his interesting journeys begin


In her first post wrote about Twitter and tweeting

And finally @grace

Whose beautiful post about bougainvillea I could not resist


What do you think?


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