The Attitude – 4

I looked at Donna as I approached.  She didn’t see me at all.  I stopped walking when I was about twenty feet behind her.

She was focused on the players, especially my husband.

I decided to go for a dip, so took off my dress and went to the sea.  The water was really cold so I didn’t spend much time.

I emerged, returned to my spot. Donna never saw me.  

I sat down,  lay back a few minutes to warm, then went to my bag to search for the brownie I’d bought.  As I took it from my bag, suddenly, it was snatched from my hand.

I looked up, there was Geo, shoving my brownie into his mouth.  

I hadn’t seen him come up.

“That’s my brownie!” I shouted.

He was chewing with a smile.

“You don’t even like brownies!”

“That’s cause you eat all of them and I never get to taste them!”

“I’m never speaking to you again, unless you get me a brownie…”

He pretended he was going to put his finger down his throat to puke it up.   I gave him a mock punch; “You owe me a brownie…”

“I’ll work it off…” he said.

Everyone, everything, paled.   It was Geo and I alone.

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