The Arab Spring – 4

The “Arab Spring” was manufactured to create dissension in the Middle East.  

It was created to destabilise governments, to provoke action and reaction, so as to distract from the assassination of Osama Bin Laden.

Anyone who has ever been involved in any kind of demonstration know that it begins with an ‘issue’,  An ‘issue’ which is not being  dealt with properly.   And the public has its views and ideas of how  the   issue   should be dealt with.

It moves from public discussion to street protest in a careful measured manner.

The average person, angered by an event or law or policy begins with verbal disagreement and by the time it moves to physical demonstration, everyone is prepared.

Mass demonstrations don’t suddenly pop up.

Demonstrations are only spontaneous when there is an unexpected action … and then it is an uncontained mob or riot.


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Written by jaylar

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