The Alphabet Photo Challenge: The Letter "Q" is for Quarters

Wow, we are moving on along in the Alphabet Photo Challenge.  I’m excite that this one is moving so fast and excited to join in a new challenge too!  Stay tuned to see which one!

The letter Q is up now and I associate it with quarters!  Quarters are 25 cents in the United States and commonly referred to as two bits.  You can’t do a whole lot with just a quarter anymore, but I remember going to the store as a kid and getting a whole bag of candy and bring home change with only a quarter in my pocket.  Of course, this was back in the day of penny candy, but such a nice deal and treat.

Today you only get a bubble gum ball when you put a quarter into a machine or a plastic ring.  Many of these machines will cost you two quarters or 50 cents.  What a shame!  But that is due to inflation and the times.

Some people save quarters.  This was very popular to do when quarters were made of pure silver back in the day. Now days this is not the case and quarters contain little if any actual silver.

Have you ever collected quarters?  Or some other coin or currency?

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