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Thank you Challenge, thank you Ghostwriter

The leader of the band.

It was Ghostwriter who called us to take the time to thank other authors. The originator of the Thank you Challenge!

What can I say about this incredible person?

Yoda sayings love her!

Funny animals pictures love she does as well!

Open with her goals. Kind to everyone. She is a great person to converse with here on Virily!

Without her original concept, we would not have the thank you challenge! We also would have fewer funny posts asking really hard questions.

But mostly, we wouldn’t have such a great friend!

Pick someone and say thank you today!


What do you think?

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Written by DocAndersen

One fan, One team and a long time dream Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Ghostwriter is fabulous and very kind…I am glad to have met her on Virily.
    I know I have only thanked one individual person but will have to get through the pile of work here…It will take a while, but it will happen..

    Nice post…I am also very fortunate to have met you and so many on virally


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