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Susie Miss Me ~ 365 Photos Challenge #48

Continuing with the 365 Photos Challenge, I am now on Day 48. Please join in this challenge and you do not have to be nominated. Here are the rules on the 365 Photos Challenge.

After we left her for a few days, Susie seemed to miss me a lot as I also miss her. During the holidays, my wife and daughters often tease, “Suussssiiie…” mimicking the way my voice calls Susie to sit on my lap.

During the few days of vacation, Susie we leave at my sister’s residence so she can also play with Kungfu and Cotton. Since my younger sister Brigitha also went on vacation, then Muji, my sister’s housekeeper who had received the daycare. According to Muji by phone, after a few moments of adjustment, Susie can form a relationship with Kungfu and get used to Cotton’s barking, though still often shocked too.

When I came to pick her up, she jumped high into my chest and stuck her nails in my T-shirt. I immediately hugged her and wiped her, but as soon as Cotton came and stood up to ask me to carry her, Susie quickly climbed onto my shoulder and sat behind my neck. Apparently, Susie was still afraid of Cotton. I had to carry pickaback both of them, but Susie was scared… Then I gave Susie to Alanda, my youngest daughter for I could meet Cotton’s longing for me too even just a while. After that, during the trip home and at home, Susie almost always would not leave my lap except to eat or go to the grass to throw away something full on her body.

The girl is sleeping with her sexy style.


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