Surviving Adultery – 3

How To Get Rid of Your Spouse


Elliot, insane with his wife’s adultery,  behaving erratically,  was fired from his job.   He was living with his parents at the time.    It took weeks for Elliot to calm down, and his father  helped him get another job, not as good or prestigious as the one he held.

Most of Elliot’s life focused on his cheating wife, Roberta, and his divorce.

While his divorce was being processed, to repair his ego, to prove he was desirable, he began affairs, posting images of himself with a female on Facebook.

These were the kind of images which would make one question Elliot’s professional ability as they were a bit too risqué.

As the only point contested by Roberta was custody of the children, Elliot’s violent outburst, (in front of people willing to testify) and his images on Facebook, with females who looked as  if they had a cash register on their bed,  made him seem rather unfit.

Roberta gained custody of her children. Elliot had supervised visiting rights.

The divorce took over a year due to they fact Elliot had to argue everything to prove he was ‘the man’.  He spent a huge chunk of his savings on this lawsuit, then had to pay a large sum for child support.

Everything he did from the moment of Roberta’s ‘confession’  of adultery until the final decree was insane.  There was no logic, no plan, it was all unfettered emotion.


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