Surviving Adultery – 20

So how do you ‘forgive’ betrayal?    In truth, you don’t.   You treat it as you would an obstacle you can’t remove and work around.In some cases, the relationship may resume, but the person you were is different from the one you are.In some cases, you let the other think that you forgive and are who you were.  But  you can never truly forgive.   You can never really trust.  You will always feel the possibility of betray,  the likelihood of lies, and the reason you don’t run into the night, is based not on emotion but logic.You can not let anyone else set your agenda.    You can not allow the actions of the Other to destroy your life.If you don’t have a place to go, a real place, if you don’t have a real job, and the Other asks for forgiveness, or begs you not to leave, accept this.  Accept this as a starving person would take a piece of stale bread.


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