Surviving Adultery – 19

Adultery isn’t an accident.   Two people don’t look at each other, are transported to a room, and their clothes drop off.

It is planned.

The person who intends to commit adultery may not know it on meeting the possible, but…  

The spouse who lies, who tries to make it look as if the other person ‘forced’ them is  being dishonest  Unless we are talking rape, and going to the police, then this ‘forced’ relationship is  a coward’s way out.

In many cases the Other enters a venue and knows what is going to happen.  

Invited to someone’s flat instead of meeting on the corner,  asked to do overtime at work when the two are the only ones in the office… c’mon.  

If you are asked to meet at a flat, you carry a friend on your way to….  if asked to work overtime when it is only you two… decline.  

But the Other doesn’t.   That is because the Other is curious about what could happen.   In fact, the word complicit isn’t misused.

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