Speed Reading Tips

Monday, 12.30.19

This speed reading is actually my new year’s resolution for 2020. I want to be more productive in my reading, read more books, retain more information in my middle age, and read faster. I think I am currently an average reader, although I read entertaining books and novels much faster than boring books and textbooks. 

Read with intent.

Eliminate distractions

Don’t read all the words. Move your eyes quickly over a line, grasping keywords.

Don’t backtrack 

Visualize while reading

Read in longer sessions, or do longer reading session each time. 

Take breaks

Switch locations, such as comfy bed, couch, floor cushions, outside area, library, or even a coffee shop with a cup of coffee.

Practice these techniques every time you read to help improve your speed because practice makes perfect.

Write down a brief summary of each page or chapter.

But before reading the book, read the table of contents, review, and chapter summaries. Don’t subvocalize or read to yourself. Don’t say the words. Listen to classic music in the background while reading. Use your finger or pen to help you move faster across the page on each line—which is called visual regression. Learn to see certain groups of words that go together, and read them as one word. Read the first sentence of a paragraph, then the last sentence of the paragraph, before zooming through the words in that whole paragraph. Go faster than possible to force yourself to move your eyes faster.


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