Special Ops Wife – 41

With Glen away, Shirley felt as one does on the last day of school.  It was not that being with Glen was so hard, it was that he had so many secrets, so many layers, that she would never know him.

She would never come first until he left the military.  And so, he really didn’t come first in her life either.

She had a lot of friends he had never met, a lot of places she went when he wasn’t there.

Sometimes Shirley tried to understand herself.  How she could portray a loving wife, a happy mother, yet inside where it mattered, she was alone.

She loved her husband and her son but it wasn’t overpowering, it wasn’t a motivation.

She knew she was lucky that Zac was a perfect little boy who had no issues and didn’t demand attention or had any psychological or physical issues.

Glen had never hit or threatened her, but she always felt that was just beneath the surface.

Maybe she was inventing demons.  She didn’t know.


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Written by jaylar

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