Special Ops Wife – 40

Glen began the path to recovery.   He was given a desk job but wanted to return to the front.  He did a lot of physical therapy as well as visiting the gym three times a week.   Shirley joined him but was in a different section.

Zachery entered Kindergarten.   Olive or Zander, or both would take him to school and pick him up.

In March, Glen qualified for an overseas deployment.  It wasn’t strenuous, and he was gone only a week. He returned as he had left as the assignment wasn’t stressful.

In May there was another short easy trip.

Then, in July there was another deployment, and Glen was gone for a few months.   This was no real dislocation.

Zachery had grown between  Oma, (as he called Olive) and Zedad, (his name for Zander) and Mom with a large helping of Dad.

Oma and Zedad would always be there.   Mom would come and go and  Dad could be fun when he was there.

If Zac had to categorise, Oma and Zedad were his parents, Mom and Dad were more his older siblings.


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